Senior Mite

The Senior mite division is open to players born in 2009-2011 and is a combination of skills enhancement and live game play.


Softball Ontario/Softball Canada rules apply, however BMSA local rules will supersede this when applicable. All Umpire rulings are final. No protests will be accepted.

Local BMSA Rules 

NO JEWELLERY. Jewellery cannot be visible during play with the exception of medic alert bracelets.

Shorts are acceptable provided sliders are used to protect the players legs. Team Jersey must be worn at all times.

NO Base Stealing, Wild pitches and pass balls included. Leadoffs allowed after a pitched ball crosses home plate.

All Batters/Baserunners/On deck Batters MUST wear a helmet with a fastened chin strap.

Overthrows: Any overthrown ball that contacts the fence (or fence line) shall be declared a dead ball. Runners may advance 1 base only. This applies to 1st, 3rd, and home plate.

Games are to begin at 6:15. Teams may play with 8 players without penalty. If 7 players are present the game will continue but the 8th batting position is an automatic out. No new inning will begin after 7:50pm

5 runs maximum per inning

Open Inning: 4th and 5th Innings are open with no run maximum.

Run Ahead Rule (Mercy Rule): If a team leads by 15 or more runs after 3 innings the game is complete.

All players on the roster will bat in the lineup….Unlimited defensive substitutions are allowed.

Base distance: 45 feet

Pitching distance: 30 feet